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Xandir are known as a completely homosexual online game platformer

Date is among the most the individuals unusual dramas you to movements slow, but never leftover me personally bored stiff. We treasured seeing Soo-hyun and Jin-hyuk losing crazy, following trying keep you to definitely like regardless of the challenges inside, and eventually understanding that they can’t make visitors delighted, so that they should need their happiness where they could. The new crisis are lovely visually (and i do not just mean the fresh new stars), along with specific breathtaking what to state, nevertheless artistry never ever got in the way of real charm – the new love one to two different people can experience when they simply create up the heads to battle for it.

Xandir P. Wifflebottom is a personality on animated series Drawn Together with her. He or she is one of several seven housemates that happen to be the main focus of the reveal. He is voiced by Jack Plotnick.

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Xandir stands for the nerdy online game- and thrill-enjoying people of the facts shows. He’s dependent to your Hook from the Legend out-of Zelda, and in addition borrows services away from many other game heroes. In the first event, Xandir valiantly proclaims, “I’m with the a never-finish journey to store my partner!” The fresh new spouse was a spoof of your own eponymous Little princess Zelda from The brand new Legend of Zelda; the fresh new trip are “never-ending” as the his partner is consistently getting into hard situations (itself an effective parody of all of the game heroines who will be constantly are kidnapped, along with Zelda herself). Xandir’s reputation together with mocks the employment of excessively feminine and delightful men characters (during the Japanese called bishonen) for the video games, particularly within the part-playing games. Xandir’s outfit is also a further mention of video games one to ability emails putting on clothes which is either too tricky otherwise as well discussing to-be far protection. Their sword may be very phallic, that have a few flesh-coloured buttons into hilt and you may a corresponding scabbard. The guy appears to be a relatively able to warrior when activities require it. This has maybe not averted your from passing away a couple of times across the span of new reveal, however, the guy does not frequently think about this an accountability because they have multiple most life to fall straight back toward.


His name is Xandir P. Wifflebottom. Xandir’s past term and middle identity 1st “P” is actually revealed through the a phone call together with his partner into the “Gay Bash”, although it has never been indicated precisely what the P means. Their parents’ house is much like a beneficial Hobbit-hole, recommending parody of a few modern-day fantasy elements external games. Xandir along with his parents provides pointed ears like Hylians and other elf-including racing however their types has not been demonstrably depending.

His unique game flow is the “reach-around”, that he tells a beneficial bewildered Scorpion of Mortal Kombat, who reacts only with the word, “Oy vey”. He’s got several more lifestyle, which is always generating a great deal more; incase he dies about let you know, he always respawns instantly (a portion of the exceptions are instances when the story need otherwise, like many of the fundamental emails passing away while doing so).

Inside the “Gay Bash”, as he is wanting so you can to visit committing suicide, the guy stabs himself 49 minutes, respawning once for each passing; although not, he could be spoke out of the act before stressful their history lifestyle. Xandir try kept-passed (maybe various other subtle reference to Connect, who’s as well as left-handed). His catchphrases was a highly effeminate “Oh my Jesus oh my God oh my personal Jesus!”, which he utters if you are frantically caught inside the sectors, and you may “Oh, screw myself,” in reaction in order to foreseeing themselves being dragged to your some thing phenomenally bad.

In place of the other housemates, whoever religions features sometimes been affirmed otherwise strongly hinted during the, Xandir’s faith is not recognized. The guy says Jesus inside the “An account from A few Cattle” (“Jesus most likely wants you”), implying Christian beliefs. During the “Foxxy vs. the newest Panel regarding Studies”, he has an effective Christian relationships despite the fact that his , is a Muslim; but not, the brand new Religious relationship has been selected because would-be the sort most familiar for the show’s audience. About event “Wooldoor Sockbat’s Giggle-Push Comedy Tickle Low-Antique Modern Multicultural Roundtable!”, Wooldoor calls Xandir a great “snerd-nurgling Jew”; not, since line is part of a running gag in which emails build outrageous statements if you’re definition anything entirely more, this post can’t be thought cannon often. As well, in “Homosexual Bash,” Xandir is actually proven to be uncircumcised, it is therefore unlikely he could be Jewish. (Yet not, brand new Digital video disc type of “Chief Woman” suggests Xandir become circumcised.) Into the “Shed for the Parking Space, Region One or two”, Xandir refers to Moses leading the newest Jews out of the desert “towards world’s everlasting be sorry for”, once more recommending low-Jewish viewpoints. To date, not any other references have been made regarding Xandir’s religion, so it is impractical to pin down if you don’t build a reasonable suppose.


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